5 – 7 Years

The Beaver Scout Colony (5-7 Y/O)



The Beaver Colony accepts children between the age of 5 and 7. The colony is the first step in the Scout movement. After this section at the age of 7 the Beavers will be introduced to another section, the Cubs Section.

The Beaver Colony
The Beaver Colony is made up of the Beaver Leader Glenn Farrugia, Beaver  Instructors and the Beaver Colony members called the Beaver Scouts.
The Beaver Scouts are grouped into groups of 5, called Lodges.
The Beaver program emphasis is on having fun while encouraging children to feel good about themselves, their family, friends, God, and nature.  The Beaver Leaders help the Beaver scouts to learn basic social skills and gain self confidence.
The Beaver Colony Programme
The Beaver Colony programme is a two year programme and includes;
1.Getting to know other people.
2.Learning about oneself.
3.Exploring the world around us.
4.Discovering, creativity and practical skills.
5.Discovering beliefs and attitudes. Beavers Colony Badges
During the two years in the Beaver colony members can attain a number of badges which include;
  • The Membership Badge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Friendship Challenge
  • Discovery Challenge
  • Personal Challenge
  • Beaver Scout Award
  • Moving on Badge
Each Beaver learns a promise, a motto and a prayer to help guide their personal development.
Programme Timeline;
  • 3 Months — Membership award
  • 4 Months — Outdoor Challenge
  • 4 Months — Friendship Challenge
  • 4 Months — Personal Challenge
  • 4 Months — Discovery Challenge
  • 3 Months — Moving On Badge
Beaver Colony Promise:
Inwieghed li nhobb lil Alla nghin lil haddiehor f?kull hin u nghix il-Motto tal-Beavers. Motto:
Naghmel Hbieb.
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