Since 1908 the Scout Movement was introduced in Malta, one can say that the 1st Hamrun Scout Group was a pioneer of scouting in this country. However, it was only in 1913 that the Hamrun Group was recognized officially thanks to the diligence and dedication of the founder of the Group, Mr. Edgar Delia and Mr. A.E. Vicari, the first Scoutmaster.

From the beginning, the Group always looked ahead and moved forward, never got disbanded and always followed its motto ‘Forward Hamrun’.

One can find documents that when Mr. Delia, together with other Maltese scouts participated for the first Scout Rally in Windsor Great Park in 1911, he was given a bugle from Camp Commandant Lt.Col.Minden Cole. This bugle was the inspiration for the formation of the bugle and fife band within this Group.

During the war, the Hamrun Group served the country by helping in doing air-raid demonstrations and doing cost-guard watching around the island. After the war, the Group, like the rest of the country, started to grow again. It grew so much that towards the end of the 1950s it was felt that a new and bigger headquarters was needed. So, the Group Scout Leader of those days, Mr Joe Borg, together with the other leaders of the Group and with the help of Mr. Ernest Micallef, started to look for an alternative place.

It was only in 1968 that the Hamrun Group officially inaugurated the old train station as the new headquarters. In the same year, the Group was honoured by the Coat of Arms of Duke Argyll and the Group renamed itself as the 1st Hamrun Scout Group Duke of Argyll’s Own.

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